The Upcoming Changes to Ship 2 Block 20

So this is kinda painful, but it must be said, the site is a shell of its former self, much of it has come from moving politics out of site, to our sister site, staff changes on inability to post while I focused on developing,, and our group site as well as just lack of available funding because of the cycle that was build from individuals that I originally trusted to handle the site, which proved to be disastrous.

I originally had an idea for what I wanted with this site, as a place of positivity and a break from the normal bullshit we see in the industry at large, that's why I moved the polotics to Gamertics. But the problem is everyone does news, and having staff who are willing to put in the time to cover it is not only rare, but draining on them. Plus, having an editor that had his life uprooted did not help.

So what is going to happen? News posts are being cut completely. Competing with the other million news sites is a prospect and angle that is leaning on the imposable. We don't just want to give you regurgitated press release, but the time it takes to look in to proper news is almost impossible for a small team with little to no outside funding as people need to work for money to eat and live. I might work 60 hours a week plus the time here, because of my love for the industry but that is not something I can force on others. So we will be sticking with the new Video formats for posts.

  • Posts will include mostly video content, which will be of a quality we designer, which means there will be some time in between posts, but they will be here. Most of them will consist of our new Top 5 format which I personally enjoy to make. But there will also be other things around.

  • We will also continue with reviews when we can. Surpassingly it is hard to find people that want to play a free game, with the only requirement being a review that is formatted like the ones we have posted. So those might be coming out a bit rare.

  • Articles will also be a focus. High concept thought pieces are always something I find interesting. And I will be looking for a group to move forward with that.

There will be changes across the board but we hope that this will give us some room to rebuild on this end. and have been keeping this side propped up for about a 7 months now and its time for a change.

Please understand.

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