Konami Announces The Next Metal Gear Installment

Konami has gotten something up their sleeve and it doesn't seem too good.

During Gamescom this past week, Konami dropped a surprise that no one predicted and announced the next installment of their prized and infamous franchise; Metal Gear with Metal Gear Survive. This comes months after original creator of the franchise, Hideo Kojima leaving Konami and the announcement his new game project with Sony called Death Stranding; starting Norman Reedus.

From what the trailer shows is that Metal Gear Survive is a survival zomebie-like shooter (using the FOX Engine) where you play as soldiers who were left behind during the end events of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros. The remaining soldiers left on the sinking mother base while watching as Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller leave in the last helicopter only to be sucked into a portal leading to an alternative universe filled with crystallized zombies. Also, possibly a metal gear as shriek is heard at the end of the trailer.

Moments after its announcement, fans of the beloved Metal Gear franchise brutally criticized it and Konami for it. This forced Konami's Community Manager to step out and response to the massive amount of criticism via twitter.

So far, nothing else is being said about Metal Gear Survive.

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