Final Fantasy Mobius Shared Game File and iOS Game Center Bricks Save Data

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The systems, ideas, the fact that it is really respectful of one’s time, and its reliability as an online game on my iPhone made it an instant favorite that I have spent many hours with. So when Square Enix announced the release of the amazing looking, and until today Japanese only Mobius, let us just say there was more than just a Buster Sword in my pocket.

This all came crashing down for me as I have now spent 8 hours trying to sort through issues with the game that a beta tester should have been able to instantly catch pre-launch. First issue was that the launch was an hour late, which was blamed on a misunderstanding of time zones. Obviously, that is not true as they have had the time set for a long time now and PST is the last market time zone for launches. Then came the big kick in the Materia that unfortunately has hit hard and fast to a lot of players, and that is the complete and utter breakdown of the shared file system and Game Center features on iOS.

It took me about six hours to figure out where the major problem lies. The game itself can run great if you make sure these options are off, but if you turn them on you will find out that by the time you finish the tutorial you will be shit out of luck, leaving you with the only option of completely deleting the game,only to re-download it, making sure those options are off.

3 out of 4 tests shows this manifestation of the bug happens right after you open your first card summon in the tutorial. I can also now confirm to my dismay even after another 2 hours of play that if you switch the feature on after the fact, your save will brick immediately with no way to save it, as you will be forever locked in a connection screen that can’t get through, eventually giving you an error.

With that said, don’t expect a solid review until the end of this week, as my day was effectively wasted. If the issue is fixed within the week, we will post it in the review. BE WARNED!


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