Detective Pikachu is Becoming A Movie, Production Starts Next Year

In an actual case of meme magic, Detective Pikachu is officially becoming a major motion picture, Legendary Pictures has announced.

After months of bidding for Pokemon’s movie rights, Legendary Pictures has won the rights and will begin work on a Detective Pikachu film to shoot next year, Variety is reporting. Detective Pikachu originally came out this January on 3DS in Japan, and stars a talking Pikachu and his teenaged partner who solve crimes together. While the game hasn’t come out in the west yet, it seems Legendary Pictures loves the concept enough to make it into a film. While Universal Pictures will distribute the film outside of Japan, Toho will be releasing the film in Japan, in a similar to what the studio made with their 2014 Godzilla reboot.

(Writer’s Note: This film needs Danny DeVito in the starring role as Detective Pikachu. Look at this video and tell me it wouldn’t be amazing.)


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