Six Additional Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Today, July 19th, six new Pokemon were officially released in the west: Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mimikyu, Mudsdale, and Bewear.

Wimpod is a bug/water type with the ability Wimp Out. This ability forces it to run away or switch out when its HP falls below half in battle. There’s no word of whether or not this can happen multiple times in the same battle. This Pokemon is shy and often runs away if it hears loud noises, but will approach trainers and other Pokemon if they stand still.

Bounsweet is a mono grass type with the abilities Leaf Guard and Oblivious. Leaf Guard prevents status conditions during sunny weather including self-inflicted ailments. Oblivious prevents the Pokemon from becoming infatuated or taunted. Bounsweet exudes a pleasant smell that the people of Alola love. When in danger, it skips away.

Comfey is a fairy type that looks sort of like a flower crown. It has two potential abilities: Flower Veil and the new Triage. Flower Veil prevents the lowering of stats and status conditions. Triage gives the highest priority to healing moves. The same way Gale Wing made Talonflame into a competent sweeper, I predict that Comfey will make a competent cleric.

You can read more about the ghost/fairy type Mimikyu here. Nintendo has now revealed what Disguise actually does. It allows Mimikyu to escape damage one time in battle.

Mudsdale is a ground type with the abilities Own Tempo and Stampede. Own Tempo prevents a Pokemon from becoming confused and cures the Pokemon of confusion if obtained via Baton Pass. Stampede is a new ability that allows the Pokemon’s defense to raise by one stage when it is attacked. Mudsdale is a solid Pokemon emotionally and covered in thick mud making it solid physically as well. It can run for three days and nights without stopping.

The final Pokemon to be revealed was Bewear, a normal/fighting type. More can be read about it here. Its first ability, a new ability, is Fluffy which halves the damage taken from contact moves, but doubles the damage of fire type moves. Klutz, the second ability, prevents the Pokemon from using held items or using the move Fling.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available worldwide November 15th, 2016.


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