Official Monster Hunter Merchandise Produced by Ginder Factory

With Monster Hunter Generations now available, many Hunters are hyped about the new title from the fourth generation. What better way to show excitement than with not only customized merchandise but official customized merchandise that ranges anywhere from $5 to $180.

Shirts by Evan McClellan and John Taber.

Ginder Factory allows hunters, the handle of those who play Monster Hunter in the same vein as a Pokemon player being called a trainer, to select original designs from various artists from around the globe or to customize their own. Products range from posters to stickers to prints and, most recently, clothing.

However, for upcoming product releases, hunters will be allowed to vote via social media on which design and art style will be released next as part of the new Ginder Factory Hunter’s Club.

Shirt by Technodrome.

Virgil Bonifazi, Director of Operations, expresses his love for the fanbase of not only Ginder Factory, but Monster Hunter itself.

“We love seeing the reaction of Hunters when they see these prints. This fan base is as unique and passionate as they come… they deserve art that embodies their love for this game.”

The fact that these prints and designs featured artists from everywhere excited creative director Danny McKenzie. He expressed his joy in orchestrating it.

“Not only are these artists extremely talented, but they love Monster Hunter and it really comes through with the designs. That’s what it’s all about to us: let’s offer fans something no one else can–prints that truly connect with these Hunters. What better way than to collaborate with artists who share the same passion?”

This small team is working to expand their works into anime and potentially more games. Not only that, both members are very excited about the new Monster Hunter Generations and what the future will bring for Ginder Factory. All products shown here are now available on their official site and Monster Hunter Generations is now available on all 3DS family systems.


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