Monster Hunter Generations Now Available

The newest entry into the Monster Hunter franchise is now available in North America. Originally known as Monster Hunter X in Japan, Monster Hunter Generations once again allows players to pick up a weapon of choice and, well, hunt monsters.

In this game, players will be up against the Fated Four, four flagship monsters. Four different versions of the case exist with each sporting a different member of the Fated Four. For those who’ve played Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, know that your save data allows you to obtain bonuses to begin the game with including a Palico. And just like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, free DLC will be added on the first Friday of every month through the end of the year. The game includes more customization, the implementation of fighting styles, known as Styles, and the ability to play as a Palico in the new Prowler mode.

Also, the New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition is now available, but sold separately. This New 3DS is available for $199.99. Monster Hunter Generations is available for $39.99.


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