Hitman Companion App and Toughest Elusive Target

Io-Interactive has launched a companion app for Hitman. The app will be available on Android and iOS allowing players to stay up to date on all live content. Along with episode releases, there has been new content such as Elusive Targets, one of which we’ll talk about below, Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts all released weekly since March 2016. All updates will be available on the companion app. In particular, the app can be used in tangent with the game in order to monitor the faces of the most recent Elusive Target.

Screenshot of Sapienza where the Twin will be hiding.

Soon after the release of this app, there will be a new Elusive Target known as The Twin also known Dylan Narvaez. He will be in Sapienza for 72 hours. His twin brother, Gonzalez, will also be in Sapeinza, but harming him in any way will null the bounty. The Twin is stated to be the toughest bounty yet.

The Hitman companion app is now available for iOS and Android. The Twin Elusive Target will be available starting July 15th.


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