Final Fantasy VII Now on Android Devices

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy VII, the most well known and award winning Final Fantasy game on Android. The world of FFVII now available anywhere and anytime.

Initially released on Playstation in 1997, Final Fantasy VII became a must play within the gaming community. Not only did it bring JRPG’s into the mainstream of western gaming, it provided what is considered by some one of the biggest player punches and twists in gaming history. Not only that, but it pushed the boundaries of the system with its in-game cutscenes. Since then, the game has garnered sequels, prequels, movies and more media than we can count.

However, there will be many changes to accompany this port.

Features for the mobile edition include:
● Simple and comfortable virtual controller design for a clear view of the action

● The ability to choose between virtual analog or fixed four-way digital control pad options

● Adjustable opacity of on-screen controls through the configuration menu

● An enemy encounter option that allows players to enjoy the storyline uninterrupted. While enemy encounters are turned off, players can still enjoy the story event battles.

● A Max Stats command that enables players to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.

The mobile version of Final Fantasy VII is now available for $15.99 on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.


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