Pokémon Go Soft Launches in Australia and New Zealand

The wait is finally over, Pokémon Go is now publicly available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. That is, if you’re Australian. Yesterday, Pokémon Go was quietly released in Australia and New Zealand. While Niantic has yet to make a public statement about a worldwide launch, it is most likely a soft launch.

A soft launch is a pretty common practice in the mobile games industry, where a developer will release a game unannounced on a region’s app stores to test servers and a game’s micro-transactions. However, through the power of the internet, the game is available worldwide on Android, thanks to the ability to side load apps onto your device. The app seems to be finished, which means that the highly anticipated AR Pokémon game is still set to release this July. Because I have been playing it, you can also expect a First Impressions article within the next few days.


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