Xbox Deals With Gold July Titles Revealed

Microsoft has revealed the games that will be coming to Xbox Live Gold members in the month of July for both Xbox One and Xbox360 owners. The package for Xbox One owners includes two newly released indie games, while 360 users will be stuck with older triple AAA titles. All 360 titles are, of course, backwards compatible on the Xbox One, so current generation backers will get 4 games for free. June’s block of titles was pretty solid and July’s is looking like no slouch.

The games being gifted are:

Xbox One: The Banner Saga 2, which will be available all month. The sequel to the legendarily hard strategy-CRPG original, all indications are that it has lived up to the first game’s quality.

Xbox One: Tumblestone, shockingly, this a newer Action-Puzzle title being released for free a mere four days after its original launch date on July 12th. This will be available from July 16th through to August 15th.

Xbox 360: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2. As difficult as you remember it, only now you can enjoy this tactical shooter for free. Will be available for download from July 1st to the 15th.

Xbox 360: Tron: Evolution I don’t recall many clamouring for this movie tie-in title to be a Games For Gold release, but whatever, free stuff is always (sic) worth it. Will be available from July 16th to the 31st.