Miyamoto Reveals Why Nintendo Didn’t Reveal The NX At E3

As reported by Niche Gamer, one of the most conspicuous, by its abscence, pieces of the intriguing Nintendo puzzle was any hint of information regarding the console that the new Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was going to run on. In Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the reason why the upcoming NX wasn’t revealed.

Normally we would’ve shown the #NX at #E3, but we didn’t. We’re worried about imitators if we release info too early.

It was a frank reveal, quite possibly drawing a few lessons from E3’s of the past two years. In recent years Sony, eager to get back on top of the console industry, has made a habit of one-upping Microsoft and Nintendo by waiting for them to make the first move and then redrafting their marketing and hardware strategies around that. The results were the PS4 gaining a near two to one sales advantage on the Xbox One and the WiiU failing to make as huge an impact as its predecessor. In light of Microsoft’s announcement of Project Scorpio, and upcoming upgrades to the PS4’s hardware, it makes a fair amount of sense to hold off revealing your trump card to keep your enemies from stealing your thunder. With a new Zelda game set to pave the way for launch day supremacy, Nintendo may finally be back in play as a top console manufacturer.