Strider Hiryu Armor and Weapon Available for Monster Hunter Generations

Following the announcements of the Western only armor sets based on Fire Emblem, Okami and Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Capcom has accounced one more for our Hunters. Strider Hiryu of the Strider series makes his way into the new game. This set is based on his classic Cypher sword and armor.

In an attempt to emulate Strider as much as possible with its rapid fire button mashing mechanics, this set utilizes the dual blades which are the fastest striking weapons in the Monster Hunter series. However, due to the nature of his sword, this set will have the hunter striking the monsters with their bare left hand.

Monster Hunter Generations will be released for Nintendo 3DS on July 15th, however an eShop demo will be available on June 30th.


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