Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor Goes Live On Steam

After a long beta period, a little under a year after it was promised, Hotline Miami 2 finally has a complete level editor coming out of Beta. With all of the glitzy violence and gore that the series is known for, clad in jagged, vibrant, pixel art, the game really was crying out for custom levels. As it stands, you can now share custom levels through the steam workshop, as long as they are fully completed, the game also has limited mod support to help further your destructive whims.

In the level editor you can create custom cutscenes, the developer even asks you to try and create Hotline Miami 3, to further the story and you can also create specific AI pathing to help facilitate the kind of gory storytelling that the game relishes in. You can even utilize custom soundtracks. Of course, the real meat of a level editor would be in adding as many of the insta-kill enemies as possible for you to slaughter your way through. The game has also had plenty of support from developers since release, with its forums chock full of bug reports, workarounds and even workarounds around the workarounds. While Hotline Miami 2 didn’t quite reach the same levels of acclaim as its predecessor, possibly due to its unique impact, this new level editor should allow the game to remain content rich for decades to come.