Payday 2 is Free-to-Play Until July 4th, Available for 75% Off

Straight off the heels of the game’s 100th update, Payday developer Overkill has announced that the game will be free to play until July 4th for people to try out the game. If they enjoy it, they can buy the game for five dollars until the end of of the free trial period, at a whole 75% off, along with the game’s DLC at the same discount. Also, the first game, Payday: The Heist, will be available for 1.50$. In a post to the game’s Steam community, producer Almir Listo said:

If you’ve been waiting for a sale, wait no more! From now till the fourth of July, PAYDAY 2 and all previous DLC are 75% off!
PAYDAY 2 is also Free to Play for the duration of the sale. If you have any friends who don’t own the game, tell them they can try it out for free and see if they like it.
If you haven’t tried PAYDAY: The Heist, you can also get it at 90% off – a steal!

Along with this, it was announced that a new safe will be added to the game. Like the rest of the new safes, it will be completely free to open with no micro-transactions.

During E3, Overkill released the newest DLC, the Biker Character and Heist. However, this DLC is not included in the sale.


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