Bungie Cancels Iron Banner Again; Rise of Iron Won’t Be Coming to Last-Gen

Bungie is having a less than stellar week with its flagship title Destiny. They have already had to cancel the Trials Of Osiris event due to issues preventing players from joining matches, now they’ve been forced to cancel The Iron Banner due to those same issues. Incredibly, this comes after they were forced to abandon the Iron Banner event a month ago due to players figuring out exploits to gain advantages in PVP. Using that exploit, players were able to gain large amounts of heavy ammunition cheaply, quickly unbalancing things. Flash forward to this week and in response to this newest setback, Bungie tweeted out:

Attention: Iron Banner has been grounded for now. We’re working on a fix to restore the player experience to Saladin’s standards.

In other Destiny news, players who could not afford the jump to the next generation could soon be left behind, as Bungie revealed that its next expansion, Rise Of Iron, will be exclusive to the PS4 and Xbox One. This was apparently due to the fact that the player-base on the Xbox 360 and PS3 only constituted 10% of the palyer base, as well as the fast fading hardware and software limitations of those aged legacy consoles.

The Rise of Iron expansion pack will be released September 20th for PS4 and Xbox One.