New Details About Overwatch’s Competitive Mode Revealed

Less than a month after launch, Blizzard has already begun detailing the first post-launch addition to Overwatch: Competitive Play. In a video released to the game’s official Youtube, game director Jeff Kaplan said:

Competitive Play is an area where players who want to take the game a little bit more seriously can focus their efforts. With that in mind, we had tried some versions of competitive play in the beta and we got a lot of feedback that was super helpful to us. A lot of what we were hearing […] was actually not competitive enough for people. […] We really went back to the drawing board in a number of ways on competitive play from what we had in the beta based on your feedback, and we’re hoping that this new version speaks more to our competitive players and what they are seeking.

Between the competitive play of the beta and the final game, here are the changes:

  • Seasons in competitive play will no longer be one month at a time, but two and a half months with two week long breaks in-between.

  • Sudden Deaths will no longer be as common, and will take place on the same map as the original match.

  • The format of Assault maps will be changed to make the matches longer.

  • The progression system will no longer be tier-based. Instead, you will get a skill rating between one and one hundred.

  • You can see the skill rating of all of the players in the match, along with an average rating for each team. If your team has a lower skill rating, you will be rewarded more for winning and penalized less for losing.

  • You will be able to see who players are partied together in matches.

  • You will be able to receive cosmetic rewards for playing each season, such as sprays, player logos, and golden weapons for you characters.

While competitive play currently has no release date, it is expected to be released by the end of July.


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