Review: Shop Heroes

Shop Heroes is a mobile game created by Cloudcade. In this game, the player does not take the role of a hero or a leader. Instead, they take the role of a shopkeeper who supplies heroes with weapons and armor. The player also uses the money they make to rebuild the town and enhance the buildings. In other words, this game is baby’s first capitalism. Though, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Title: Shop Heroes
Publisher: Cloudcade
Developer: Cloudcade
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: May 26th, 2015
Players: 5
MSRP: Free (Optional Microtransactions)

The first thing the player will notice about this game is the art style. If it looks familiar, that’s because you probably follow Sakimichan on some form of social media. The game uses a super deformed, or chibi, style for the character designs and is much less vibrant than her usual work. The colors are much more muted which provides a realistic color pallet that’s soft on the eyes. The game does not look clunky and everything is easily read, a common flaw in other mobile games.

Image provided courtesy of Google Play.

The gameplay is fairly simple and mostly involves taking actions to enhance one’s shop. The player will spend most of their time making weapons for the various adventurers that flow in and out of the shop. Instead of making an item, the shopkeeper can refuse to make an item, charge less or charge more for said item. Using gold and the gems, which can be purchased or earned, the player can hire more workers, purchase work benches, expand the shop and other options that will make work most cost effective.

To collect certain materials, the shopkeeper can hire adventurers and equip them with weapons and armor so that they can find rare materials. The player gets to be the quest giver rather than the one risking their life to find a random rock. Finally, I get to sleep safely in my bed and not be stabbed for the umpteenth time.

Image provided courtesy of official Shop Heroes website.

Building the town allows the player to hire priests and other employees that will allow the player to design new weapons with various designs. It also supplies the player with new soldiers for quests and the chance to expand their shop. Larger shop means more supplies and more customers.

What makes the game stand out is the self-sufficient economy. Items made can be sold for soft and hard money to other players. This concept is not normally implemented in mobile games and finds itself reserved from some MMORPG’s.

Image provided courtesy of official Shop Heroes website.

The PVP is mostly non-interactive. The player equips their troops with weapons and armor and sends them off to the battlefield. While this would be cumbersome in most games, the player in this game is not a commander or soldier: he’s a salesman.

For those who are quite fond of mobile games such as these, this game is a must play. Those who are not fond of these games will probably want to avoid this as it will not keep their attention for very long.


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