E3 2016: First Gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shows off Armor System and Weapon …

Straight off the heels of the reveal of the new Legend of Zelda game, Nintendo has shown off gameplay from the E3 show-floor demo. While reinforcing the mechanics shown in the reveal trailer, it also expanded and introduced us to some of the other gameplay ideas of Breath of the Wild.

Most importantly, Nintendo has shown off how armor and weapons will work in Breath of the Wild. In the game, you don’t just recieve Link’s trademarked green tunic and his Master Sword. Instead, you will earn different clothing and weapons over time that you can equip. Weapons will break over time, forcing you to find new ones when necessary. Health won’t drop from cut grass anymore, too. If you want to regenerate your health, you have to eat food.

One of the tools in Link’s arsenal this time around is the Shekiah Slate. While it looks kinda like a book, it can be used to move items around in the environment to attack enemies. Along with this, he has magical bombs he can use, that come in different shapes and can (sometimes) be remotely detonated.

While Nintendo tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, we still learned some about the game’s plot. In Breath of the Wild, Link gets waken up from a long slumber to save Hyrule. However, the Hyrule of this game has seen much decay, which can be seen by the player starting the game near a crumbling Temple of Time-esque building.

Finally, the game will feature a real-time weather cycle. During the stream, this manifested itself in clouds covering the sunlight, and the cold environments making Link shiver.

While we have already seen lots of Breath of the Wind gameplay, even more is going to come out the next few days. We’ll update you on any new info as it’s revealed.


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