E3 2016: Brand New Battle Royal Mode Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo once again blew away Pokemon with Treehouse’s live play of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The most notable new addition of the game was the Battle Royal gameplay mode. In this mode, four players compete in a free for all. The first player to run out of Pokemon announces the end of the match while the player with the most Pokemon remaining wins. Players are advised to develop clever strategies or even gang up on the player in the lead.

Alongside this reveal was the reveal of three new pokemon: Yungoos, Pikipek and Grubbin. Legendary pokemon Magearna abnd Zygarde 100% Forme have been stated to also be in this new game.

A few new additions have been added to make the game more accessible. Using the touch screen to select Pokemon on the bottom screen allows any player to see stat changes after the use of moves like Swords Dance and Growl. The new Rotom Pokedex notifies trainers if a Pokemon has a new evolution or form to look out for. The trainer now has a special animation for walking through grass. And, finally, the screen dims on the top and bottom when they will soon cross paths with a rival trainer.


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