E3 2016: Doom Receives New Snapmap and Multiplayer DLC, Play the 1st Map for Free This Week

After last month’s launch of the new Doom, id has announced even more content for the game. In a SnapMap update, new weapons and props will be added, along with a Hell theme for your levels. Along with this, new logic options will be added, along with the weapon wheel from the single-player campaign. Along with this, it was announced that every other feature coming to SnapMap this year will be free for all players.

Along with this, the first DLC pack for Doom’s multiplayer was announced. Titled Unto the Evil, it includes three maps and a new demon, the Harvester. Along with this, 5 new modes were announced. A Capture-The-Flag mode called Exodus, a control point mode, and three free-for-all modes, including classic Deathmatch.

Bethesda also announced, in the spirit of Doom’s freeware origins, that Doom’s first level will be free for all to play this week on any platform.


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