E3 2016: EA Originals Announced, First Game is the Gorgeous FE

EA has dived into the Indie Development scene in a very interesting way; today EA announced their Originals program. The main goal is to bring experience that people have not seen before, developed by smaller developers. To do this, EA has said they will sacrifice all profits and put it back in the hands of developers in order to really support new and smaller development.

The first game they show and announce to be a part of this program is Fe by Swedish Developer Zoink. Fe is beautiful 3D open-world game based around a personal narrative of the player with nature. The game that has no words in it, forcing you to learn what is going on from the world around you and the interactions you have.

You start off as a unique forest cub, all animals and plants have their own unique song which you can pick up on and learn. Each song lets you advance further in the game to learn more about yourself. The enemies are called The Silent Ones, who are corrupting the land, and you need to maneuver carefully around them as to prevent player death. Looks to have stealth elements involved with puzzle and savaging elements.

The game looks amazing and it is nice to see EA pushing up smaller dev teams. For future updates, stay tuned.


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