Chinese Knockoff of Overwatch Announced

Have you ever wanted to play a really cheap knockoff of Overwatch? China’s got you covered. At a recent Chinese gaming conference, Legend of Titans was announced.

Slide showing character design

Notice anything odd about these models? Here’s a hint: at least half of them are, at the very least, “inspired” by Overwatch. In the line up of characters, you can see designs eerily similar to Tracer, Reinhardt, and Roadhog. I also think I see Hanzo and Soldier 76, but they actually tried to make Hanzo look different, and Soldier 76 is so generic I could barely notice him.

Here, you can see carbon copies of Reaper, Bastion, and Pharah, along with some very familiar art style in the stages.

Wow, you mean Bastion magical Chinese robot man can transform into a turret of some kind? I wonder where I’ve seen this before…

This is literally Pharah from Overwatch. I can’t say anything else. This is literally lifted from the game.

I take back all of my criticism. This random knockoff has beaten Overwatch in one major way: by having their game playable on a first-model iPhone. STEP YOUR GAME UP, BLIZZARD! Though, I find it really odd that THIS ENTIRE CHARACTER IS LIFTED FROM OVERWATCH. The guns, the abilities, the UI, even the icon for the Ultimate Ability is lifted directly from the game.

Apparently, this game is currently looking for investors in China. While that may explain the placeholders, it doesn’t explain them, again, lifting entire characters from Overwatch. Best part? Overwatch is already releasing in China. Let’s just say this company needs to spend less time looking for investors, and more time looking for lawyers.


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