The Last Guardian Confirmed for 2016 Release

It’s finally happening: The Last Guardian, from the developers of famed classics Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, will be released later this year according to an interview with Fumito Ueda in the latest issue of Edge magazine. Reactions have been intense.

In the interview Fumito stated:

this is the year we will see the game’s release, I do have some worries, but I’m also very excited

In response to worries that this may just be a tease before another inevitable delay after eight long years of development, he continued:

It was quite difficult for me to keep my motivation up. But my other games have also had long development periods, so in that sense, I think I’ve been able to keep my motivation quite high


One of the reasons the game may have struggled with achieving a full release build may be the feature that has tantalized gamers ever since the first reveal trailer: The “free-spirited creature” Trico.

The amount of code is very large compared to AI in conventional games. We’ve given this creature its own desires, so depending on what action it wants to take, that affects everything, including its animation. It’s not like a normal humanoid character

Ambitious AI programming like that would definitely be tricky to pull off convincingly, which is an almost understandable reason for the eight year delay. Especially if the last generation of consoles just couldn’t pull it off.

Regardless, after a length of development that brings comparisons to the infamous Duke Nukem Forever, this may finally be the year where we get to experience the majesty promised to us. The issue of Edge containing the interview can be picked up now.