Boss 7-Year Old Kid Fights off Robbers at GameStop

A seven year old boy is being praised in Silver Springs, Maryland after attempting to fight off two armed robbers inside of a GameStop. After being contacted by Fox 5 News in Washington, D.C. the boy’s father said:

“We didn’t completely understand why,” said the father. “Of course, we think our son is brave and a strong kid. But we didn’t exactly know why and when we saw the tape, we saw why. Because he saw somebody who was a stranger, who seemed most dangerous to him and he tried to defend himself. I think it was his natural instinct taking over there.”

In the video linked below, you can see the child fight back against a robber after he grabbed the kid, even though the man had a firearm. (Seen on the tape from 0:10-0:12)

At the same time as the release of this tape, Montgomery County police released a press statement, saying:

On Friday, May 20 at approximately 8:56 p.m., two suspects, armed with handguns, entered the GameStop store located at 10100 Colesville Road in Silver Spring. One suspect initially ordered three customers, including a young boy, against the wall near the counter. Immediately afterward, both suspects walked behind the counter and ordered the two clerks to the floor while the suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash and personal property was taken. The suspects then fled out the front door. The suspects are decribed as black males in their 20s, approximately 5′ 6″ tall and weighing 170 pounds. They were wearing black, hooded sweatshirts, black pants, gloves, and masks.

If you have any info on the robbery, or the people involved, you are asked to call the Montgomery County Police’s Robbery section at (240) 773-5070, or call anonymously at 1-866-411-8477.


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