The new Ship 2 Block 20 is up (Kinda)

Hello all you sassy sex gamers. As you can see, the site has changed quite a bit. We have completely moved away from WordPress or as Ice T would say “Leveled Up” to a new platform. This was a long time coming, mostly it came down to me trying to find someone who could do it while I worked 60 hours a week writing and researching for other companies. But in the end I had to take the last 3 months to do it myself, which I am glad I did. It helped me focus and figure out what I really wanted from all this as well as life.

We also had some major structural changes with some people staying and going, as well as something quite large, we kinda split in to 3 different sites(all under one umbrella of course) That being which you are on right now,, the place where our more politically focused content will now go, and lastly one of my more passion focused projects who is headed up by my good friend Amy and is a very talented lolita fashionista who will be getting a bead on J Fashion as well as Cosplay for that site.

I hope you all enjoy the new layout and content we will be pushing forward, it takes baby steps to take back our media, but we are doing it one step at a time.



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