DICE Awards 2016 Analysis

Fallout 4 managed to snatch a thoroughly undeserved Game Of The Year award from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at this years DICE awards. Presumably the voters were enthralled, not by how good the game was, but by how many people they knew who worked on the game. The game also managed to snag an award for game direction, which, if you have spent any time wandering the wastes and getting annoyed by Preston Garvey, is another laugher. Mind you, in any other year Fallout 4 would have definitely (maybe) deserved the award over the ragged field of contenders available (including a completely over hyped legacy nomination for MGSV: The Phantom Pain as best adventure game (????????) ). This wasn’t any other year. The Witcher 3 is, hands down, one of the best RPG/Fantasy games ever made, and don’t just take my word for it, almost anyone you speak to who has had some serious time with it would agree. Any issues present in that wonderful game are minor compared to the overwhelming shallowness of Fallout 4’s game design.

In other, completely bizarre, developments, Ori And The Blind Forest managed to win the award for animation. The process of voting as such must have consisted of the voters each getting smashed and then saying “oh, this looks cute”. Besides the mentioned blights, the ceremony did manage to award deserving winners, like Star Wars Battlefront for Sound Design and Fallout Shelter for Best Mobile Game. The devil is in the details though, and awarding Fallout 4 the top honour is going to be yet another blight on the peer award system that the industry somehow equates to quality. If the DICE awards have any prospect of actually becoming the OSCARS equivalent in the eyes of gamers and outside critics, then it’s going to have to do a lot better than voting for a game because of how popular a studio or creator (or even social issue) is.

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