Total War: Warhammer Developer Doesn’t Understand The Problem Of Pre-Order DLC

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, a Game Designer from Creative Assembly has come out to go against what fans have said about the anti-consumer practice of holding content hostage as a pre-order incentive. This isn’t the first time the developer have encountered trouble with their business practices. The state of Total War: Rome 2 was in a bad state for many. Angry Joe made an in depth review for the game if you want to see what was wrong with the game

As you can see, the game was a buggy mess from launch. The game was not polished at all and had troubles from launch. The game had AI issues, and the graphics that were shown from the developer severely under delivered. The problems don’t stop there, Total War: Attila had some issues as well. The game had day 1 DLC. This is just some of the problems the series have had.

Now a developer has come out to say he doesn’t understand the outrage of pre-order DLC. The developer comes out to say most voices are more negative than positive. Meaning he doesn’t even understand why consumers are angry.

Here is some what he to say when it came to the amount of dislikes to the video the developer released:

_**”Rich Aldridge:** It’s disheartening, you know. You never like to see there being a negative aspect of the game, but it seems to be something which is becoming, sadly, a more common trend with a number of games. Again, I’d just like to stress that we feel that by adding the additional content that actually the users get a far better game in the long term. And, obviously, it is their decision whether they wish to purchase now or in the future. We leave that open to them.”_
The trailer currently has over 41 000 downvotes. Consumers are not liking this at all and you can check out the trailer here:
 Not understanding that leaving content out of the game is not a good consumer practice. To show you how little self awareness they have regarding this, the Creative Director Mike Sampson said this:
_”So is adding Chaos as a pre-order incentive ‘cut content’? I think the opposite is true. If we didn’t add it to the pre-order, it would have been DLC later on and not in the game at release.”_
Here is the most revealing quote. Instead of actually adding it to the game itself, they want to sell game content to you either at a later date or give it as a pre-order incentive. Gamers should user their voice to say what they think of this and not buy this game.
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