Sony You Need To Change Your Purchase Policy

In a reddit thread, a consumer shows how difficult it is to get money back when your account gets hacked. This user had the account hacked. The person who hacked the account made purchases worth $500. Which means he lost a lot of money because of someone else getting into his account and access to the credit card.

Here is the introduction in the post:

“For the past three months, I have been embroiled in a struggle with Sony customer support trying to resolve an issue with an attacker who gained access to my PSN account and used it, along with the stored card information associated therewith, to purchase $499.91 in PlayStation 3 games and PlayStation services. I have attempted to resolve this issue with Sony for several months, but it has reached the point where I feel that public airing is my only recourse.”

It has taken this person months just to get the money back, which was never spent by this person. There have been other examples of this in the past that Sony have been very hard to deal with when accounts get hacked. If you issue a refund from the bank, you might risk to get your account banned. Here is another example which you can read from Gamespot. Sony need to make it easier for the consumer to get their money back if the account is hacked. Not only that, they need to offer refunds period.

Sony does not have any sort of system if a game is broken or unplayable at launch you won’t get your money back. It’s not just where they screwed up like they did with Driveclub. They also need to offer it when third party games are not what they advertised. If you are not happy with the product, you should be able to return it. You can return a book or a microwave, but you can’t return a game and get a refund. Steam have already implemented this feature. Even Origin has a refund system. Yet neither Sony nor the other console manufacturers do not offer you to get your money back.

We have a climate right now where we get patches on day 1 of when a game is released. You can risk not getting to play everything the game has to offer. You can also risk not getting to play the game at all after you’ve bought it. Sony is a big company and has to offer such a service along with Nintendo and Microsoft.