Need For Speed Update Will Fix Issues With The Game

One of the biggest complaints for the game in reviews have been the rubber band AI. Making it more coincidence than skill that you win in the races. The developer seems to take in what the fans and the critics have been saying in this new update. They’ve made a feedback series on their own site to address this.

Here is what they’re fixing in the game with the new update:

  • More balanced ‘AI Catch Up’
  • New Wrap Editor features:
  • Mirror functionality
  • Improved colour picker
  • Hoonicorn and Morohoshi-San Diablo
  • Gifted upon completion of their respective narrative threads
  • First look at neons
  • Early in development version on Morohoshi-San’s Diablo
  • REP increase 50-60
  • 3x Trophies & Achievements
  • New daily challenges
  • x30 new pre-set wraps
  • General bugs, tweaks and improvements
    The developer also made sure to say that this will be the first on a series of new updates on the game:

    “This is just the beginning and we look forward to what the future holds for Need for Speed.”
    What do you think of the new update coming to the game? Need For Speed will require a constant online connection with the DRM system they have in place for the game. Let us know what you think of this game in the comments below.

  • d0x360

    Wait what? Why did they do this and why didn’t they patch it first so people could keep their stuff

    • The_Last_Ride

      Tweet at them, and ask them, i will put it in the article if you get a response

  • DeathBattleFan123

    Local. Saves.

    • Sean

      Normally I’d agree, except 2K has been having always online saves for the past two years, meaning if you can’t get online, you can’t get access to your MyCareer, etc.

      • RedBearded T

        Damn, I’m glad I went to PC last year. All my steam, uplay and origin(BF4) games have online and local save files. It’s kind of ridiculous 2K didn’t update the game to save a local file before the server shutdown wiped the saves.

  • torchie4269

    Piss off your most dedicated fans. Good thinking.

  • Niwjere

    And people support always-online as a concept why, exactly? This was inevitable from the beginning. 2K literally can’t run a server indefinitely. The hell did the players think would happen?

    • The_Last_Ride

      Why can EA run FIFA servers for more than a year?

      • Why can PC games run servers indefinitely? Subspace aka Continuum has been running for 15 years now.

        • The_Last_Ride

          PC open platform, console closed platform. They’re not the same…

          • RedBearded T

            Yes, and no. They’re pretty much the same in this regard. The difference is PC gamers don’t pay a monthly fee to steam/uplay/origin or whoever to play on online servers.

          • The_Last_Ride

            There is a DRM on steam though

          • Niwjere

            For clarification’s sake:

            Steam provides DRM, but Steam is not itself DRM, nor does it require DRM. I’m a games archivist in my spare time. I know what I’m talking about here, because dealing with DRM is very much a part of my daily activities. Allow me to explain.

            Steam, as a client, is exactly one thing: a download manager. That’s it. Every other function the Steam client provides (storefront, community services, etc.) is also provided via the Steam website, meaning the client is not needed for those functions (although it’s handy in my experience).

            Steamworks is a set of Steam integration tools that Valve provides to developers. One of the many things Steamworks can do, other than Steam achievements, Steam leaderboards, Steam multiplayer, and so on, is provide DRM — making it impossible to run Game X unless the Steam client a) is running and b) can verify that the copy of the game is legitimate. This is generally done through the file “steam_api.dll”, usually found in the game’s main directory within the Steam folder.

            Valve does not require the use of Steamworks’s DRM functions in any way.

            If you purchase Transistor on Steam right now and install it on your PC, you can copy the game files anywhere you please and play the game at your leisure. Supergiant Games has openly said as much! The game has Steam achievements and other Steam integration, but those features are simply disabled when playing in the absence of the Steam client. Transistor has no DRM. Once you buy it, it’s yours to do with as you please.

            Most developers sadly opt to enable Steamworks DRM, but they don’t have to. Older games and a good selection of newer middle-market games often don’t have it turned on, a choice which seems to be growing in popularity.



          • The_Last_Ride

            It still needs you to log on online. So you need internet to use it

          • Niwjere

            You need to be online to download your game? Yeah, obviously. Welcome to digital distribution. The point is that if a developer isn’t using Steamworks DRM, once you’ve got your game, it’s yours, and you are free to do whatever you wish with it. It doesn’t require Steam to run, although it can still integrate if Steam happens to be present. That’s the entire point of being DRM-free — not arbitrarily restricting what the customer can do with the thing they paid for.

          • The_Last_Ride

            I play my games offline on a disc

          • Niwjere

            PC games that don’t use ANY closed system (which, I might add, used to be almost all of them) can remain alive indefinitely. For example, Risk of Rain will always have viable multiplayer, because it uses direct connections between players instead of indirectly connecting to a central server — you’d have to fundamentally change the workings of the Internet to kill off that game’s multiplayer capabilities. Even games with closed systems can stay alive on PC if the developers allow it — Phantasy Star Online is dead on consoles and has been for years, but it’s alive and kicking on PC because Sega made the server code public when they shut the game down, and the fans are running it on their own now.

  • This is why I will never, ever, ever buy a console.

    • Master race

      But the games come on a disc so they are yours to keep forever. #MountainDew.

  • Fenrir007

    Good. Sports fan need a shock treatment to stop paying top bucks for the same game every year.

    • Carlos Oliveira

      …Much like Call of Duty fans pay 70 dollars and all the DLC for new Call of Duty every year, or spend more than 100 dollars on the new Battlefield and all its DLC’s? This happens every genre, don’t act like Sports game only do this.

      • Fenrir007

        Lash out all you want at CoD, but only in the sports genre you can get away with literally repackaging the exact same game and selling it as “new”:

        Or having a game sold at full price with microtransactions included having its online servers shut down one year after the game was released:

        Also, while CoD is similar, it is still not the same game. The single player portion is always different. The multiplayer mechanics change somewhat (and the latest CoD changed a LOT of things in particular). So, yeah, it is different.

        Is the CoD business model one I would defend. Hell, no, but its a lot worse with the EA sport games, and people will still buy it because , even though they know the game is rigged, its the only game in town (if they want licensed stuff, and everyone seems to care deeply for that).

        • Carlos Oliveira

          “Also, while CoD is similar, it is still not the same game. The single player portion is always different. The multiplayer mechanics change somewhat (and the latest CoD changed a LOT of things in particular). So, yeah, it is different.”

          NBA 2K15 is also different to NBA 2K14. It has different cutscenes, different story mode, somewhat different animations….
          They might have changed some stuff but underneath the hood its pretty much the same game with same mechanics.

          Also that first link you sent is the no1 reason I hate football games, they are extremely similiar to the previous one, with even the HUD staying almost similiar. Pretty much milking all the way. Just like NBA 2k and many other franchises I already mentioned that are also getting milked to death (CoD, Assassin’s Creed, perhaps Battlefield in the future???)

          • Fenrir007

            The differences between military shooter iterations are worlds apart from the differences in sports game.

            The very link I sent you show you, in that case, they went as far as rebrand the SAME game. As in, literally. It IS the very, same game. No hyperbole here.

  • Martin Simonsen

    Haha, oh man

  • Rayban99

    talk about pr suicide.

  • Generaal

    And this is why I do not trust the cloud that much.

  • Carlos Oliveira

    Just another BS from 2K. Just look at how poorly 2K15 is made, with the unfair MyTeam mode or the scripted MyCareer mode (no matter how good your player is, if the game decides you’re going to lose and the opponent is going to win, its garanteed your team will lose. All from missed wide open 3’s with a 95 shooting rating, to teammates not passing the ball and instead forcing shots and making horrible turnovers). What’s even more sad its that this piece of garbage is the best game we got for basketball fans

  • Gage Smith

    My thoughts? #pcmasterrace