Battlefront Experiencing Issues

There appears to be problems popping up on reddit for Battlefront. This appears to be linked to the Ultimate Edition digital pre-order for Battlefront. This isn’t the only example of Battlefront having issues. At launch players could not access the game at all. This comes after Dice had problems with their previous title Battlefield 4.

Sony has also gone out to address isues with the game:

We’re aware that some users are having trouble accessing Star Wars Battlefront. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.

— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) November 17, 2015
Having trouble accessing Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition? Try restoring your licenses. More info:

— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) November 17, 2015
EA put up some help with the game itself before the launch of the game, but it seems none of the problems encountered have been put up there.

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