Jade Raymond & Amy Hennig Are Going To Show Off The New Star Wars Game?

The Montreal International Game Summit is going to host Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig as speakers. It looks to be that they may show something from the new Star Wars game during this summit. So far there hasn’t been a lot of information for this game. We do know Visceral games are working on it, but we don’t know what type of game or who it’s going to be about.


We did get Star Wars 1313, but it was cancelled soon after its reveal. It may be they’re taking on this game again. Battlefront is set to release this week. That is going to be the first game in the new Star Wars game deal EA struck with Disney.

Visceral games are well known for the Dead Space games, which does support that they might be doing this game. Visceral also recently released Battlefield: Hardline earlier this year. Hopefully they will release some info regarding this game during this summit.