Rumor: WB Montreal Working On A Superman Game?

According to a reddit post, multiple easter eggs and screenshots may suggest that the next game coming from WB is a Superman game. The Arkham game reference Superman several times during banter or conversation. There are several screenshots that appear to be concept art for the game. WB Montreal worked on the Batman: Arkham Origins game. This would be the second game they’re making.

Here are some of the screenshots from the reddit post:

Superman concept art.

Doomsday concept art

Braniac concept art

Another concept picture of Superman

There seems to be evidence suggesting that there might be a Superman game in the works, but WB has yet to come out and announce it. WB does have the license to make any game in the DC Universe. To think that an actual game with Kal El is in works is not a big stretch. The evidence is t here, but we have to wait and see if this is actually true.