Playstation Vita Still Has First-Party Games In Development

In an interview with VG24/7, President for Playstation in Europe Jim Ryan clarified some things. There seems to still be development for the Vita from Sony. The handheld console will still be supported by Sony and there will be games for it.

Here is what the boss said when interviewed:

There does seem to be some genuine concern among players about Sony’s commitment to VR, and this is probably in the wake of Shuhei Yoshida’s honesty in relation to Vita development. Can you reassure players that if they buy into PlayStation VR that you won’t remove its first-party support if things don’t go quite as planned?”

“To clarify what was said about Vita, which was either misinterpreted or misreported: I think what was said was that we’re no longer in the business of triple-A development of games for Vita. But there is still first-party Vita content being worked upon.

I think it’s very hard to make concrete promises about something that is completely untried and unproven. But I think what we can say is that we’re taking this very seriously. We do view it as something that will be of considerable long-term importance. I’m aware that might come across as a bit mealy-mouthed, but I think that’s probably about as much as I can say.”
It is unknown how many games are in development, but Jim Ryan has made it clear that the console is not dead. What do you think of the clarification? Let us know in the comments below.