The Problem With UN & Journalists

It seems that the fight GamerGate has started has spread, but this time not to just journalism or the media. The media is going are for censorship. On Reddit there was a post explaining what is going to happen. This time it’s not just gaming, but free speech that is going to be censored. According the The UN, gamers are violent by the report they laid forward. Even though there are so many studies that disprove this. Even though it was members of Gamergate that uncovered massive failures in the UN Cyberviolence report. It seems nobody is listening to what gamers are saying. The UN handled this poorly and apologized, even though the report should never have been published.

You can check out the UN Panel here:

The UN Dispatch made a post which had an inflammatory headline called: #GamerGate vs United Nations. The first paragraph just tells us how wrong they are. Telling that GamerGate is a right wing conspiracy. They are saying that GamerGate want to keep women out of tech and are harassing them. Jaimie Bravo discredited the report that was laid fourth regarding this report not long after it was out. The UN that is suppose to care about accuracy, couldn’t even look through the report that was talked about. Because during this report it was said that “cybertouch” is just as harmful as a physical touch. Which is the most ignorant thing you will probably hear in your life. UN Dispatch clearly does not care about accuracy or truth. It doesn’t stop there, during the panel Anita Sarkeesian said this:


They want to change criticism into actual harassment. Harassment is no longer harassment. This woman wants to change an artform because it is somehow offensive to her. Even though she has lied on several occasions. A good example is how she lied just about being a gamer.

The article even mentions how the article was poorly sourced, yet still manages to use the same narrative as everyon else.

“But the gamergate trolls have gone on from there to target the entire issue of gender-based abuse and online violence. Apparently aghast that the UN would consult with targets of harassment campaigns, they are now questioning whether online abuse and harassment are worthy of the UN’s attention. They go on to suggest that intergovernmental cooperation to combat online harassment will somehow lead to greater government censorship of Internet content worldwide.”
Without any proof of the claim that Gamergate are trolls, the author continues with his narrative. The UN’s track record is not good at all. The head of the humans rights council is Saudi Arabia. The proof that UN can’t even handle this incident properly is evident. It isn’t a question of whether or not they can handle it, it’s doing it right. By the recent history it’s clear they can’t do either of it. The author could take one short peak at the PEW research and realize his ignorance. Good common logic based on evidence and not assumption is clearly too much to expect from the UN. The fact that this is even on their page is a disgrace. The fact that they would want to listen to people that are against free speech and for censorship shows that they want to censor the internet worldwide. The author is again disproven.

This author should go outside of his echo chamber and do a few minutes of research before actually condemning hundreds of thousands of gamers. WAM even concluded with that under 1% of #Gamergate accounts were harassing. The definition they were also concluding that these accounts were harassing was also vague. If you want to read it, you can go here.

“Second, the same activists and organizations that internet trolls are perversely seeking to silence in the name of free expression have spent years in the trenches working to ensure that the same human rights we are entitled to offline apply online. Organizations like the Association for Progressive Communications have been critical to getting the UN Human Rights Council to endorse this principle by consensus, as well as putting gender rights on the international agenda. There is a reason why the Electronic Frontier Foundation just honored APC and its executive director Anriette Esterhuysen with their 2015 Pioneer Award, a lifetime achievement award for internet activism.”
Again there’s a lot of big words here without a lot of evidence. Accusing people of being trolls without any evidence to back it up. Again saying that Gamergate is against censorship, when the consumer has revealed time and time again that sites censor comments they don’t like. The general idea of Gamergate is being against censorship against games. Changing the cover of games like Divinity: Original Sin or trying to change it for Far Cry 4 are just few examples. We wrote about how puritans got outraged over #ChangeTheCover, where it was an homage to the Batman comic issue called the Killing Joke. If there is any evidence to support it, it’s the opposite. The reddit forum and the 8chan boards have a strict policy on censorship. It even says in the banner of Kotaku In Action that it’s against censorship. The fact this this author doesn’t even know this, just again shows his ignorance. Since this author doesn’t like to use evidence, i will post evidence myself to prove it:
The easiest way to kill freedom of speech is to supress it. #gamergate #redditrevolt #changethecover

— Chris McCullough (@GrigLager) September 13, 2015
In one year: #gamergate #shirtgate #changethecover #redditrevolt 4chan and 8chan Whedon/Obsidian/Witcher 3 – the Speech Wars are here.

— aswordsmanin_black (@CreightonMirrah) June 11, 2015

I wrote about #SaveSansaStark in defence of Artistic Freedom

— Stephen Beard (@SMABSO) May 21, 2015

Gamergate and gamers aren’t for censorship, we want all types of games. If there’s something we don’t like, we don’t go and complain to the UN. We just don’t buy it. It’s perfectly reasonable to just ignore something you don’t like instead of censoring it. 

“Online activists genuinely concerned with free speech might want to consider listening to the people and organizations that have spent decades fighting for a more free and open Internet, instead of cynically seeking to suppress them.”

The fact they have done nothing about this issue at hand, and allowed this report to come out at the UN says these organizations aren’t good enough. An online revolt of regular people have had more integrity and uncovered more in the last year than these organizations. The other difference is, that these organizations have done nothing. The media has lied and been highly unethical in not just the gaming media, but in one example after the other. Gamergate is not the one supressing anything, the UN is putting a blanket over the truth. This is a perfect example of the media coverage of GamerGate:

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/10/63930_1502714839995509_5575819160436547202_n-326×326.jpg" alt="6393015027148399955095575819160436547202_n” title=”” />

Gamers have been called terrorists, worse than ISIS, been threatened, been silenced and more in the name of harassment without proof. The media has been successful in telling lies and nobody is actually trying to uncover the truth. If there’s any evidence to that, it’s the UN Cyberviolence report. The reporter is not better than any of the corrupt journalist.