Need For Speed Closed Beta

EA is now having a closed beta for Need For Speed. According to the developer, you’re helping development of the game. Ghost Games is the developer of the new Need For Speed. We do know that this new game in the series will require an internet connection. That means the game will have a DRM function in the game. The game will be running on the DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine.

We got a look at how the gameplay looked for the game during E3.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/10/2885784-needforspeed_screen_04-580×326.jpg" alt="2885784-needforspeedscreen04″ title=”” />

The developer stated that this made them test out how their game would work with actual players:

“The main focus of the Closed Beta was on a number of technical tests that we wanted to carry out prior to the game launching this November. These tests gave us valuable insight into how our systems would work in a live environment, with so many of you playing at the same time.”
Players of the beta gave the developer feedback. The team took time on their blog to answer several questions and feedback on their site:

Please can I mirror a design in the Wrap Editor” you asked, and a lot of you asked this! We’re pleased to confirm that this indeed a feature that’s coming to the Wrap Editor in a future content update. We’ll have more details on this a bit closer to the time.

The progression speed was an area some of you commented on, in particular how you felt you could quickly achieve a garage full of customized rides. The economy, both money and REP continue to be balanced and on launch you will find progression is now at a more normal pace.

A number of you mentioned the speed in which the AI drove and their competitiveness. This is also something that has been tweaked and improved upon for the full release. When you hit the streets of Ventura Bay at launch you’ll find AI competitors aren’t as propelled by rocket fuel as they were at times during the Closed Beta.”
Did you play the beta? What did you think of it? What do you expect of the new Need For Speed game?