Ratchet & Clank Animated Movie Receives A Trailer

So far the movie has only received a teaser for the movie. The first official trailer has now been released for the movie. It seems to be going to be a funny family movie by the looks of it. The movie and the game seem to tell each others story. The game has not gotten a release date, but the movie has. The release date for the movie is 16th of April. It is unknown for when the game is set to release, but if I had to guess it would be very near the movie date.

The game and movie development seem to work close together. Because the game and the movie stories seem to tell the story of the game in two different ways. If you want to check out the newest trailer for the movie, check it out below.


You can compare the movie trailer to the game and see they’re very similar.


Are you excited for either of them? Let us know if you’re going to watch or buy on or the other in comments below.