VG24/7 Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Uncharted 2 and 4

This time, on “Video Game Journalists are Terrible at Their Job and Should be Fired”…

VG24/7 apologized for an error on an article posted during TGS, where they confused the recently remastered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with the unreleased Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.


In the later redacted article, “Is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End too formulaic?” a VG24/7 writer accounts her “experience” playing an Uncharted 4 demo, when in all reality she was playing through Chapter 5 of Uncharted 2, remastered in the Nathan Drake Collection. She begins to complain about the graphics, even though it’s a PS3 game, and how it’s “not new,” even though the game was released 6 years ago. The best part is when the writer recieves her copy of the Nathan Drake Collection and asks if she wants to play the series again, even though if she did play it once before, she would know that the demo she played was Uncharted 2.

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In VG24/7’s response, they apologized, but still couldn’t actually say it was 100% their fault. They blamed the fact that “it was busy,” and that the signage wasn’t in English, even though as a games journalist they should be able to tell that they’re playing one of the most critically acclaimed games of the last decade.



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  • Fenrir007

    Now you guys know how much suffering toy collectors endure. This happens everywhere with these collectibles. It used to happen with figmas, but at some point they thankfully stopped taking limited pre-orders for them, but it was usual to go through what we called “Japan time” to stalk certain japanese websites at midnight or so with F5s (or other, more refined solutions) so we could get a certain toy we wanted. If you lost that? Good luck with at least a 100% price increase from scalpers.

  • Livnthedream

    So its Beanie Babies for the new generation?

    • Matthew Sigler

      What’s a beanie babie?
      JK I’m not that dumb

  • Rob Webb

    Waited in line 90 minutes got my info imputed and waited. People behind me who were beings evicted at another computer got their Amiibos. Ness sold out while I waited for the computer my order was being put on. So I didn’t get my Ness Amiibo. And yeah I’m mad. GameStop should have allotted a certain amount of Amiibos per store instead of a first come first get basis.

    • Matthew Sigler

      Sucks man, I had to go in 3 times for it to work.

  • SecretX

    I hope Nintendo finds another away to sell these.
    Because the demand is just getting higher, especially for the new ones.

    • Matthew Sigler

      I saw a GamesRadar article earlier on the issue. I’m not gonna link it here, but it has to do with the retailer exclusives and issues shipping them to the US.

  • militaryveterangamer

    Nintendo is ingenious when it comes to supply & demand. They’ve been masters of this craft since the NES. They could use a lot of work when it comes to their other business strategies, but there’s no denying their effectiveness here.

    I have to give them credit where credit is due. ^__^