Rise Of Tomb Raider Will Feature Microtransactions

On the Xbox news page there has recently been an interesting development regarding the new Tomb Raider game. Not only how the microtransactions will work, but new modes as well. The games Season Pass and digital download is available for download. You can also order the game with the Remnant Resistance Pack which includes the Season Pass. There is also a new mode called Score Attack which lets you replay levels within the game. When you play this mode you will try to get the best score possible. The other mode is called Remnant Resistance like the downloadable version of the game. In this mode you get to play areas of the game over again with new objectives.

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Within these new modes you can use what is called Expedition Cards. There will be no multiplayer in this game. You will be competing with others to get the best score within these modes. You can buy the Expedition Cards Pack to gain these cards for these modes. These cards seem to be making the game easier for the player. Making it a pay-to-win type of microtransaction. You will get a Foil or a Common card. The Foil card is something you will keep when you get it. The common card is consumable. At launch there will be over 300 cards.

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You can read the entire interview here.

Let us know what you think of this news regarding the timed exclusive Rise of The Tomb Raider.