Battlefront Season Pass Announced

The new and upcoming Battlefront game has had a beta this last weekend. That beta was open to anyone who wanted to try the game out. The resolution of the beta was also revealed for the game. Now it’s been announced that the game will receive a Season Pass. This was announced on their official page. The game will receive four expansions with the Season Pass.


The dates for these expansion are unknown at this point. The statement seems to imply that the expansion packs will include new locations, which will mean more maps. You will also get to access this content 2 weeks early with the Season Pass. You can pre-order the Season Pass, but there is no info of what it actually has. Paying for this content without any idea of what it is isn’t consumer friendly. They will release information of what it will have in the upcoming weeks. Selling something and not sharing the information of what the consumer is actually getting is unethical and anti-consumer practice. The asking price for this content is $50.


Let us know what you think of this news.