The Voice Actor Strike – What You Need To Know

In what seems to confirm rumblings that the voice actors in the game industry want to strike, they have now voted in favor of doing so.There have been a few demands that they want to be improved on. They want the actors to be treated better, better contract deals and better working conditions.

Here is what some of the statement said:

We are pleased to report that the Interactive Media Agreement Strike Authorization Referendum was a resounding success with 96.52% of members voting in favor of the referendum. Voting on the referendum closed yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 6, and ballots were tabulated by Integrity Voting Systems.”
Most of the actors seem to be in massive favor for this to happen. This will mean that the industry will feel the effects of the strike unless they get better conditions.

Previous negotiations have broken down and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution in the near future.

“With this result in hand, the Negotiating Committee will seek to return to the bargaining table and continue to press for a fair resolution on behalf of performers working in video games. The Interactive Media Agreement expired on December 31, 2014. Bargaining sessions held in February and June of this year failed to produce an agreement. “
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