Hideo Kojima Tweet Suggesting Sony Collaboration?

After all of the controversy that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had, this might suggest where he might be going in the future. In a recent tweet Hideo Kojima tweeted out a picture with Mark Cerny.  He is the person that is a giant in the gaming industry. He not only designed the Playstation 4, he also helped develop games like Crash Bandicoot among others.

Here is the tweet in question:

朋友のマークさんと。 pic.twitter.com/Kx9ovQ3Cpb

— 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) October 1, 2015
The rough translation says: “with my friend Mark.” Does this mean that Sony is working on a project for Sony. Kojima is known to throw curveballs to confuse and throw the press of. We will update you if this story develops any further.