Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Shows Story In New Trailer

Activision has released a new trailer for Black Ops III, developed by Treyarch. This addition to the series shows a bleak future, same as last years edition with Advanced Warfare. The Call of Duty series returns to a futuristic setting this time around. All of the technology in the game seems to be taking an inspiration with a mix from sci-fi and realism.

Call of Duty have implemented females to be playable online. It seems they are now putting females in the stories as well. This years Black Ops 3 has many celebrities. They have names like Ron Perlman, Heather Graham and Jegg Goldblum for example. Last years game had Kevin Spacey who was the big draw for the game.

The story seems to revolve around someone who betrayed you and your team. The pc in your head also seems to make the protagonist seem slightly insane.

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