Playstation 3.0 Update Is Here

The new update is here. Playstion 4 has gotten another big update for the console. The update includes numerous updates that the community have been asking about. Playstation also received the Spotify update to the consoles. Playstation 4 also received the suspend and resume function in a previous update as well.

In the new update the users will receive these updates to the console:

  • The new Events option makes it possible to watch Live Events. You can compete in them as well.
  • You can join or create communites for games. For example online games where you can join others in sessions created for that community.
  • You can now directly visit the PS Plus page. You’re now able to watch what discounts and games there are on that option page. You can also see other offers like themes for example.
  • PS Plus now offers 10 GB of online storage to all players who subscribe
  • You are also able to stream directly to youtube with the new option on PS4. You can post these videos to twitter as well.
    You can check out the video itself below:

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