“God is Real”: Store Exclusive amiibo Shulk, Greninja, and Lucario Found in Best Buy Sys …

Amiibo hunters, you may want to sit down for this: a new leak possibly shows that Shulk, Greninja, and Lucario are no longer store exclusive. Store Exclusivity won’t last forever, and the floodgates have opened. Yes, the Amiibo God is real.


“God is real, and he lives inside of Best Buy, and he lives inside of all retailers.”

About 2 hours ago, a Best Buy employee posted on /r/amiibo about him finding SKUs for the store exclusive amiibo in Best Buy’s system as placeholders. Later on, the Amiibo Alerts twitter leaked images showing that the store exclusive amiibo were in fact in Best Buy’s system, but none of them have been ordered.

While Canada has begun to phase out store-exclusive amiibo, Reggie Fils-Aime has stated multiple times that store exclusive amiibo will continue to stay exclusive in the US. We’ll keep you updated as info develops.

*UPDATE: *Amiibo Alerts has also been able to confirm that Shulk is in Toys R Us’ system.


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