For Shovelry! Shovel Knight amiibo Posted to Spanish Website

In today’s special edition of “Wierd Leaks by Online European Retailors,” a Spanish retailer has begun pre-orders for a… Shovel Knight amiibo. You might say to youself, “Huh? There’s no way this can be real!” and you might be right, but no matter what it was pretty funny. The retailer stated that they found the product on a list of upcoming Nintendo products they recieved, and then photo-searched a picture for pre-orders. This expains the fact that they used a custom box art made from art in ArtsyOmni’s Smashified series.



Though it seems fake, does this leak have a shread of truth? A few months ago, Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight, said for Nintendo fans to wait for a “Megaton Announcement” after the Playstation and Xbox versions recieved exclusive content. Could this be a Shovel Knight amiibo? We’ll keep you updated on this story.


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