Deus-Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order Debacle

Augmenting your own pre-order is the latest thing to come out of Square Enix. This is probably the worst idea ever for a pre-order ever. They are holding content hostage and you can only choose one of the rewards if enough pre-order. Not only that, this is crowdfunding content through pre-orders. They’re holding content hostage, and will only give it to you when they have earned enough. This is totally unacceptable and i don’t know what Square Enix is thinking when they thought of this terrible idea. Their PR department have done the worst job they possibly could.  I already did a piece on why i think pre-orders are terrible, so i won’t get into that in this piece, i do have to point it out though.

Here is the official trailer for the pre-order content:


This is one of the worst things i have ever seen when it comes to video games. This is equal to on disc DLC and online passes. If you want to show Square Enix that this does not fly, do not pre-order this game. This kind of business practice is terrible and should not be rewarded.