Ripping CD’s May Be Illegal In The UK

In rather startling news that may bring sighs of either “corruption!” or “what is a CD?”, it may now be illegal (again) to rip music off of CD’s that you possess. A ruling by the High Court overturned legislation that would have legalized copying music off of compact discs for private use, an act that most consumers thought was legal anyway,  after complaints from copyright holder advocacy groups.  In the meantime, programs like iTunes, which proudly advertise their ability to rip CD’s and change the formats of the files on them, may be deemed illegal. Revised legislation may be in the works to counter this turn of events, but people living in the UK are likely screwed if a copyright holder decides to sue them (however unlikely that event may be).

In an atmosphere of consumer dread over the implications of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and the current culture wars in the gaming industry, this is a further indication of the need for people to stand watch for the rights of the consumer. Let us know what you think in the comments below.