What is #BetterPSN?

The last few days the hashtag #BetterPSN has popped up. The reason for this has been the problems PSN has had over the last few years. It had the big outage, where PSN was hacked and got access to user information (including credit card numbers). PSN has also had several downtimes because of DDoS attacks and other problems.

Here is a quick video describing the hashtag:


Here are also some tweets in the hashtag:

Improve the digital content downloading speeds #BetterPSN

— C O L I N R E I D (@colinreid1989) July 13, 2015

@BetterPSN change ID. more system stabilty. Please !!

— Andres Florez (@andresflo1983) July 13, 2015

Let us change the username of PSN @yosp@amboyes and @toshimasa_aoki#BetterPsn

— Nicolás Galeano (@NicoGaleanoOK) July 13, 2015
There are lots of people that are tired of the issues of the PSN and want it to improve. Let us see if Sony doesn’t only address this, but actually does something about it.