RUMOR: Nintendo of America “Lost Faith” in Devil’s Third, Not Publishing the Game …

According to Unseen 64’s Liam Robertson, Nintendo of America has no plans to release Tomonobu Itagaki’s Wii U exclusive shooter Devil’s Third, after helping to save the game from development hell last year. According to Liam’s NoA source, when bringing up the game he replied with,

NoA has lost faith in it. We could end up with another Disaster (Wii shooter also not published by NoA) on our hands.

While Devil’s Third could see a US release, it will most likely not be from NoA and will not receive any support from them either. This is most likely because of the game’s apparent poor quality, according to some European journalists speaking anonymously to Liam. One said,

The game is just shocking in its incredibly poor production values, and above all it’s not even fun to play.

…It’s terrible as a shooter and as an action game, and you can definitely tell development has been… troubled at best.

Apparently, embargoes for previews of the game lift on July 15th, so we’ll know more by then. Do you think NoA should have taken a chance and released it, or did they do the right thing by cancelling the release?

If you want more info, be sure to check out the Unseen 64 video below.

*UPDATE: *Nintendo of America has confirmed on Twitter that they will publish Devil’s Third for North America, however details are scarce. It is rumored that they will publish the game with XSEED.


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